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Quick Observation: Lawyers and TV Cameras…Bad Combination!

Just checking in real quick to make an observation…I’ll get back to my ‘3Cs’ series tomorrow.

Watching Greta this evening on FoxNews discussing the Casey Anthony case. This is an absolutely perfect example of an attorney getting carried away by having TV cameras shoved in his face and not knowing how to handle the situation. It is an utter pet peeve of mine to see an attorney stand before a bank of cameras and declare his or her client absolutely innocent of the ridiculous charges lodged against the client and that they cannot wait for their day in court to fight this obvious injustice. Most of the time these statements are made before the attorney even has a chance to review discovery materials or fully interview their newly-minted client.

As attorneys we have an obligation to zealously represent our clients. Is it zealous representation to go on TV and make statements for which no factual basis may exist? Is this PR puffery for the client’s sake or is it an attorney looking to make himself look tough in order to attract more business to his practice? Law school should make new graduates repeat ‘no comment’ 100 times in a row prior to being given their diplomas.


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