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Small Business SWAT Team

I have come up with a new element to my law practice. Given the current state of the economy and the strain that financial worries are placing on the bottom lines of many companies, I am in the process of organizing a small business ‘SWAT Team’ to assist business owners facing an uncertain future.

I am putting together an inter-disciplinary team of at least a CPA, Financial Advisor and Banking/Lending specialist to give advice to business owners. Following the holistic approach that my practice takes, I want to take a look at everything in the business – from the balance sheet to the business/marketing plan. We will be looking for opportunities to save money, either through cutting expenses or possibly renegotiating leases, as well as opportunities to grow the business through new marketing approaches or suggestions on lead generation, client retention ideas or new approaches to networking. An audit of the business may find new ways to save on taxes and the structure of the business will be analyzed to determine whether or not the creation of a new corporate entity may be in the owner’s best interest. If there are outstanding accounts payable we can discuss stepping up collection enforcement or renegotiating repayment terms in order to bring those accounts current.

My goal is to keep small businesses in business. Small business owners are the lifeblood of the new economy and must be given every opportunity to succeed. I want to use my practice to assist and am looking for any small business owners who may be interested in sitting down for a free initial consultation. I can be contacted at (216) 577-0013 or via e-mail at

Michael K. Astrab is the principal attorney for Astrab Legal Services LLC, a general practice law firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. He may be reached at (216) 577-0013 or via e-mail at This blog is designed for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.


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  1. What a fantastic tool for small businesses and organizations in transition!!

    In the case of manufacturers or developers, it’s always good to add engineering professionals…especially when performing a “SWOT” (not to be confused with “SWAT” in this case) analysis. For such businesses, infrastructure and technical capability (not to mention Sustainable practices) are as critical as the balance sheet and market potential to the overall BP.

    Just my $0.05, though!

    Comment by Brian C. McCalla,PE,CPE,CEM,CDSM,CEP,NSPE | February 8, 2009 | Reply

    • Great idea – that is one of the main reasons why I created this blog…to present ideas and receive some constructive feedback. My primary concern with small business owners is the inattention that they often provide to the ‘business’ side of their operations. They are often so busy working on client/customer matters that they neglect operational issues. That is where I want to step in…my plan essentially would give the business a pseudo board of directors to step in and provide guidance on the operational side, thus freeing up the owner to handle what he or she knows best!

      Comment by mkastrab | February 8, 2009 | Reply

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